Romsey Primary School

romsey primary school

Loren Peavey


Romsey Primary School is an inclusive and empowering learning community which fosters confident, creative, caring, curious and collaborative learners. The school values respect, resilience and integrity in all aspects of its teaching and learning program.

The school has a student population of approximately 286 children in 12 classrooms. Their facilities and grounds are modern, flexible and expansive.

Romsey Primary has a strong 150 year history of providing quality education to the Romsey community and surrounding district. The parents, teachers and children have a strong community spirit and are committed to ensuring the school remains a happy and safe place for learning and growing.


romsey primary school EMP

Emergency Management Planning

After being audited by the Department of Education and Training, Romsey Primary identified the need for an emergency management procedure that could be easily communicated to all stakeholders.

The system had to be easy to follow, address all foreseeable emergency situations and above all ensure the safety of students and teachers. As per department guidelines, the EMP needed to meet the AS 3745:2010 and be compatible with the new DET online emergency management system.

Risk Assessments

We worked closely with Romsey's OHS leadership team to identify unmitigated risk. Our customised risk assessments provided a clear understanding of the school's hazards and proposed practicable measures to control the risks.

Safe Work Procedures

After identifing key hazards associated with the school's plant and equiipment, we provided customised safe work procedures. The documents were specifically crafted to effectively communicate the correct operational procedures and notify untrained staff and visitors of restricted plant.