Hazel Glen College

Hazel Glen College

Anthony Stockwell


Hazel Glen College is one of Australia’s leading schools, offering world-class curriculum, ground-breaking electives, cutting-edge facilities and an enormous array of learning experiences.The school is located in Doreen, in the Northern suburban region of greater Melbourne.

Founded in 2014, HGC has been designed using attractive, modern and purpose built architecture and the most up-to-date facilities available. Since then, the College has grown to just under 3000 students and over 300 staff members. It has been one of the fastest and biggest growing school across Australia during this time.

In 2016, the college opened its STEAM centre which facilitates learning in Arts, Science and Design and Technologies. The building features a highly specialised computer lab, materials workshops, preparation workroom, 3D printing lab and art and design studios.


STEAM Workshop Analysis

Through an augmented post occupancy evaluation, we reviewed the STEAM centre's classrooms to identify areas of improvement for both risk mitigration and procedural improvement.

We work collaborated with the STEAM Leader to review and analyse the effectiveness each item of plant to maintain the health and safety of staff and the duty of care over students. By identifing plant comformance issues we recommened iniatives to mitigate and control the existing risks.

We also facilitated ongoing discussion and professional advise to support administrative changes to improve workflow and storage systems.