Affordable safety products and services... because safety shouldn't cost a life!

Every organisation is unique.Every workplace deserves a unique structure that ensures safe practices and continual improvement occur without undue financial burden.


A tailored approach

Andrew Nicholls Design & Associates offers products and consultancy services that are tailored to your individual needs and the specific aspects of your workplace, staff and visitors. As such, we prefer meeting directly with you and your team to discuss your needs in detail. This ensures that together, we are able to develop a solution that all stakeholders can implement and take ownership in.

We believe our services and products are highly professional and competitive.

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What is the cost of our services?

Every one of clients is unique and have individual requirements. Being such, we prefer to meet with you so we can tailor our costs to your individual needs.

What is our refund policy?

We believe that our services are highly professional and competitive. Should you feel that we have not met your requirements, we are more than happy to revise our services and advice.

What payments methods do we accept?

We happily accept Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, and purchase orders.

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