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doTERRA essential oil. Arborvitae can be used as a powerful cleansing agent.
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doTERRA essential oil. Basil provides a warm, spicy aroma when diffused in a dõTERRA Petal or Lumo diffuser.
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doTERRA essential oil. Bergamot can be added to food for a fresh citrus taste.
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Black Pepper

doTERRA essential oil. Black Pepper, the favour enhancer.
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Blue Tansy

doTERRA essential oil. Blue Tansy soothes skin and reduces the appearance of blemishes.
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doTERRA essential oil. Caradamom is known for its cool, minty aroma and flavour.
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doTERRA essential oil. Cassia has strong, spicy cinnamon aroma.
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doTERRA essential oil. Cedarwood is has a warm, woody, balsamic fragrance.
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doTERRA essential oil. Cilantro is a fresh and tasty flavour.
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Cinnamon Bark

doTERRA essential oil. Cinnamon Bark adds spice to desserts, entrees, and hot drinks.
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Clary Sage

doTERRA essential oil. Clary Sage assists with calmness and health of the skin.
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doTERRA essential oil. Clove assist oral hygene and is used in chewed sweets.
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doTERRA essential oil. Copaiba promotes the appearance of clear, smooth skin.
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doTERRA essential oil. Coriander can be used for strengthening and toning.
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doTERRA essential oil. Cypress provides an energising and refreshing atmosphere.
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Douglas Fir

doTERRA essential oil. Douglas Fir provides a premium conifer essential oil.
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doTERRA essential oil. Eucalyptus is popular for aromatic and topical use.
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doTERRA essential oil. Frankinsense is highly sought after by modern consumers for its many uses.
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dõTERRA essential oil. Geranium has a beautiful aroma and is a common ingredient in many skin care products.
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dõTERRA essential oil. Ginger is reknown for its hot, gragant flavour.
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